Food Indastry SectorThe disinfection process is crucial in the food industry. At the end of each day’s production, all equipment that comes into contact with food, as well as the production areas and the air, must be disinfected to reduce the levels of microorganisms below the detection limit.

The effectiveness of disinfection is assessed through various methods – this is both a legal requirement and a
requirement of the relevant standards, such as ISO 22000 and GFSI standards (BRC and IFS), as well as multinational companies that have their own internal protocols.

In the food industry, cleaning plans comprise several stages that involve foaming and rinsing with chlorinated alkaline and acidic chemicals (for instance, in the meat industry). However, in certain cases involving the bakery industry, water cannot be used.

Purespace Food Industry Sector

Purespace technology can be complementary in the former case, and fully replaces other disinfection methods in the latter case. The daily disinfection of equipment and space (including contact surfaces and food processing machines) is essential to get rid of pathogenic microorganisms that result from potential contaminations, as well as those microorganisms that cause spoilage (related to the endogenous microbial flora of the food), and which decrease the lifespan of the food product. These microorganisms are especially difficult to inactivate, with insufficient studies conducted to identify them to a specific level.

Purespace technology has an added advantage over conventional disinfection methods, given that it disinfects the air and surfaces simultaneously. The dry cloud of hydrogen peroxide molecules generated is able to penetrate all parts of the equipment and deactivate pathogenic and allogenic microorganisms.

For complex equipment, dry spray disinfection is required, as this effectively disinfects all hidden points that might pose a threat to the product. Daily contamination prevents the formation of biofilms, which can be detrimental to the food industry and are formed in cases of ineffective disinfection and are very difficult to combat.

Purespace Food Industry Sector

In cases of high initial microbial contamination, a treatment with a 12% hydrogen peroxide solution precedes, while daily applications follow with an 8% concentration solution.

The efficacy of the Purespace procedure lies in its concise disinfection cycle and swift restoration of spaces for production processes. A 1000 cubic meter disinfection cycle involves a mere 30 minutes of fogging and 30 minutes of chemical degradation, rendering the entire process less than an hour in duration and not requiring specialized personnel. Notably, our product is ideally suited for the food industry due to its complete biodegradability and non-existence of residual effects. This unlocks the possibility of utilizing it on food contact surfaces and equipment without any rinsing necessary after the spraying dries.

At Purespace, we present ingenious solutions adapted to each industry’s requirements and microorganism profiles to maximize the efficiency of the process. The ensuing outcome is the production of safe food, free of pathogenic microorganisms, alongside products exhibiting stable organoleptic traits for extended periods, consequently minimising quality complications related to microbial spoilage.

Furthermore, the scope of our product’s application is quite extensive, ranging from various service sectors, including catering facilities and restaurants, public transportation, office spaces, gyms, and highly frequented public facilities. Coupled with the rising interest in home care, our disinfection system for homes is another area of focus. Finally, the corporate sector can greatly benefit from incorporating microbially controlled spaces into their facilities. By controlling the microbial load, the quality of life significantly improves.

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