Advanced disinfection

  • A unique combination of patented technologies with repeated results which combine simplicity, rapidity and efficacy preventing any resistance of the germs
  • Natural disinfection and sterilization of the indoor spaces
  • Germs are self destroyed
  • World Waltz of bacteria with the increasing tourism and worldwide clientele
  • Meet customers’ demand who expects a fresh, hygiene and clean atmosphere
  • Help fighting against an invisible but real threat
  • No furniture wear from chemical detergents. Increase longevity of equipment
  • Customers may choose a pure space room over another which is not disinfected

Purespace Bedroom


  • Full range of activity Bactericide, virucide, fungicide and sporicide.
  • Even disinfection of all surfaces, including electronic ones, without corroding or oxidizing.
  • Absolute dry mist: No humidity residues.
  • Product is non allergenic and odorless and poses no risk to humans or the environment.
  • Sanitizes the air, flat surfaces, carpets, sofas or beds.

Purespace Restaurant

Kitchens & Restaurants

  • No risk of aliment contamination with chemical products.
  • Greatly reduce the risk of food poisoning.
  • Technology adapted to work in food environments.
  • Sanitizes the air, flat surfaces, furniture and cookware.
  • Application effectiveness does not depend on the operator; the results are consistent.
  • Improves the quality of guests’ stay.
  • Reduces the reputational risk.

Purespace Spa

Spa & Gyms

  • Full spectrum of activity Bactericide, virucide, fungicide and sporicide.
  • Fight against odors associated with sweat, fungi and molds.
  • Provide an exceptional service.
  • Work in humid environments without adding humidity.
  • Disinfects all surfaces and objects present in the room.

Purespace Car, Lagguages & Pets

Cars, luggages & pets

  • Possibility to lend a car without any bacteria or viruses from previous clients.
  • Luggages are the first carriage of worldwide viruses & bacterias.
  • Animals can bring specific bacteria and mites in the rooms.

Makes life easier for the staff

  • Simplify the tasks, less strain for housekeepers.
  • Working in a healthy environment.
  • No risk from chemical applications.
  • Less indemnities.

Purespace®: Your new marketing!

  • Increase customer satisfaction – Maximize revenue through repeated customers
  • Purespace implementations: in the entire hotel, in a range of rooms, in the Suites, as a customer benefit with extra charge.
  • Communicate to customers the benefits through company brochures & website.
  • A Purespace sign indicator can be left in spaces.
  • Offer high-end room facilities, increase reputation
  • An affordable technology, easy to use and consistent in its performance.
  • Marketing advantage VS other Companies.
  • Marketing support: Public Relations, Social Media, Guest testimonials, Promote the Purespace Company directory.

Aether is the prize - winner of the competition of the Young Economic Chamber of Monaco 2014 for its innovation and its advanced technologies regarding the fight against hospital acquired infections.

Our Certifications

The solution is certified as:
  • Medical Device Class IIA (EU Directive 93/42/CE)
The AETHER Solution is produce on the application of:
  • the European Law CE ISO 13485:2003
  • the European Law CE ISO 9001
The AETHER concept is produced and manufactured on the application of:
  • the European Law CE ISO 9001/13485 standards.
Full spectrum of activity (bactericide, virucide, sporicide and fungicide) according to a protocol issued under the:
  • NF T 72 281 (May 2009)
  • NF EN 1040
  • NF EN 1275
  • NF EN 1276
  • NF EN 1650
  • NF T 72 180
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