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Hotels & Resorts

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Spa & Fitness Centers

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Restaurants & Kitchens

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Vessels & Yachts

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Advanced and innovative technology for real progress in disinfection

  • Full spectrum of activity bactericide, virucide, fungicide and sporicide
  • Even disinfection of air and surfaces: 100% of the environment is disinfected
  • The natural properties of the product which resemble the natural gas disinfect the whole area including electronic parts without corroding or oxiding
  • Germs are self destroyed

Purespace® is a product that disinfects and sterilizes the environment.
Causes no hazard to humans and the environment
Product solution breaks off into oxygen


Our concept is based on the distribution of a dry disinfectant fog. Thanks to its particles of 5μ, the solution reaches evenly all surfaces.


Provides integrated disinfection by reducing pathogen load 99.9% of the sterilized area. Efficient at every treatment.


Effective even if using low dosage (1 ml / 1 m3). Consistent effectiveness at every application.


Very easy to use. Designed to be compact, lightweight and easy to transport. No intervention is needed during the application.