Purespace® adds value to your hotel property

  • 83% of travelers say they prefer to choose an anti-allergic room if they have a choice.
  • 59% of travelers choose a hotel over another on the basis of the availability of an anti-allergic room.*

*Based on a study conducted by Survey Research Institute – Cornell University

Advanced disinfection

  • A unique combination of patented technologies with repeated results which combine simplicity, rapidity and efficacy preventing any resistance of the germs
  • Natural disinfection and sterilization of the indoor spaces
  • Germs are self destroyed
  • World Waltz of bacteria with the increasing tourism and worldwide clientele
  • Meet customers’ demand who expects a fresh, hygiene and clean atmosphere
  • Help fighting against an invisible but real threat
  • No furniture wear from chemical detergents. Increase longevity of equipment
  • Customers may choose a pure space room over another which is not disinfected

Kirini Suies & Spa (5)


  • Full range of activity Bactericide, virucide, fungicide and sporicide.
  • Even disinfection of all surfaces, including electronic ones, without corroding or oxidizing.
  • Absolute dry mist: No humidity residues.
  • Product is non allergenic and odorless and poses no risk to humans or the environment.
  • Sanitizes the air, flat surfaces, carpets, sofas or beds.


Kitchens & Restaurants

  • No risk of aliment contamination with chemical products.
  • Greatly reduce the risk of food poisoning.
  • Technology adapted to work in food environments.
  • Sanitizes the air, flat surfaces, furniture and cookware.
  • Application effectiveness does not depend on the operator; the results are consistent.
  • Improves the quality of guests’ stay.
  • Reduces the reputational risk.


Spa & Gyms

  • Full spectrum of activity Bactericide, virucide, fungicide and sporicide.
  • Fight against odors associated with sweat, fungi and molds.
  • Provide an exceptional service.
  • Work in humid environments without adding humidity.
  • Disinfects all surfaces and objects present in the room.


Cars, luggages & pets

  • Possibility to lend a car without any bacteria or viruses from previous clients.
  • Luggages are the first carriage of worldwide viruses & bacterias.
  • Animals can bring specific bacteria and mites in the rooms.

Makes life easier for the staff

  • Simplify the tasks, less strain for housekeepers.
  • Working in a healthy environment.
  • No risk from chemical applications.
  • Less indemnities.

Purespace Hotels®: Your new marketing!

  • Increase customer satisfaction – Maximize revenue through repeated customers
  • Purespace implementations: in the entire hotel, in a range of rooms, in the Suites, as a customer benefit with extra charge.
  • Communicate to customers the benefits through hotel brochures & website.
  • A Purespace sign indicator can be left in the room.
  • Offer high-end room facilities, increase reputation
  • An affordable technology, easy to use and consistent in its performance.
  • Marketing advantage VS other Hotels.
  • Marketing support: Public Relations, Social Media, Guest testimonials, Promote the Purespace hotel directory.