Advanced disinfection

  • Product is non allergenic and odorless and poses no risk to humans or the environment
  • All fields of effectiveness: Bactericide, virucide, fungicide and sporicide
  • The interior spaces of the yachts are ideal spots for an epidemic rash. Transmission of pathogens could turn the cruise into a blast with harmful results
  • Evenly disinfection of all surfaces, including electronic devices, without corroding or oxidizing. Absolute dry mist: No humidity residues
  • Regular preventive application at spaces with high level risk of contamination. Remedial function in case of acknowledged contagion. Disinfection of high medical degree
  • Sanitizes the air and anything else in the environment: not only the flat surfaces but also carpets, sofas and beds
  • A requirement that can be developed to differentiate your business from the competition, becoming a strong competitive advantage over time
  • Improves the quality of guests’ stay
  • Reduces the risk of bad reputation


Versatile technology

  • A different refill solution is used to eliminate odors, insects, mites or bed bugs.
  • Very low cost of purchase: 1L solution can disinfect 1000m3
  • Quick installation in 30 seconds, automatic application without preparation
  • Customized application of inner spaces from 15mto 40000m3
  • Application efficacy does not depend on the operator; the results are consistent
  • Simplicity: machine weight 5kg, one start button, no preparation, no residues


Dining lounges & Living rooms

  • Areas congested with many guests are ideal locations for the development and spread of infections.
  • Quick application and disinfection of the areas without any size limit
  • No need to ventilate the area or remove things. No residue after application
  • High quality disinfection without any risk to human health. Reliable and perfect results


  • No risk of food contamination from chemical products
  • Eliminate the risk of food poisoning
  • Technology adapted to operate in food environments and food processing
  • Sterilizes the air and anything else in the environment: not only flat surfaces but also furnishings and cooking appliances


Cabins & Bathrooms

  • Opportunity to eliminate bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores, but also insects, mites, bed bugs or odors simply by using a different product refill

Life easier for the staff

  • Tasks are simplified
  • Provide effortless service
  • Less workload housekeepers
  • Occupation in a healthy environment
  • No risk of chemical handling
  • Less absences

Ideal application also for Jacuzzi & Sauna Area, Cockpit, Engineering units, storage units, etc

Purespace® Vessels & Yachts: Your new marketing!

  • Communication and customer information through brochures and the company’s website.
  • A Purespace small indicator may be left in the yacht
  • Better services, better reputation, possible savings and extra revenue
  • An affordable technology, easy to use and consistent in its performance
  • Marketing advantages over other vessels
  • Greater visibility: The Purespace client directory on website lists all the institutions using this innovation.